Арт Онлайн Украина (art_on_line) wrote,
Арт Онлайн Украина

Modern impressionist painters. Ukraine

After more than 130 years of the appearance of impressionism it is still attractive to millions of viewers.
The painting done by emotions rather than dictated by the photographic reality. In impressionism, the artist's soul is in direct contact with the canvas. Feelings are portrayed colors and shapes. Impressionist painter does not limit itself to the contours of solid objects or their colors. To enhance the effect by painting the artist can easily change the color and the form of familiar objects.
It is the sacred right of the artist! That's why the millions of people in the world love and buy this style of painting.
They decorate their homes and offices with paintings of the Impressionists.
The largest Ukrainian online gallery of paintings has a very large selection of paintings by contemporary impressionists.
Prices of paintings by Ukrainian artists are very attractive!
Choose your painting! Maybe not even one! :-) We will deliver it to you anywhere in the world!
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